Ensemble Wiener Collage

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Arnold Schönberg Center, 31.03.2017, 19:30

The heroic era of the avant-garde, the dissolution of boundaries, even the destruction of old orders, is always contrasted with periods in which we pause and reflect, of consolidation of newly created possibilities, of perception and articulation of inner contradictions, perhaps even times of symbiosis between traditions and utopia. This concert asks what (neo)classicism can mean: new wine in old vessels, old wine in new vessels? Or old wine that turns into new wine in new vessels?

Arnold Schönberg Center, 11.05.2017, 19:30

Following initial success as a composer, Spinner was forced to emigrate and he remained largely unknown both in England and in Austria. Nevertheless, with his remarkable stylistic development, he counts among the most profiled composers of the 20th century – beyond the sphere of the Viennese School from which he originated and to which he felt committed and obliged throughout his life.